building with conscience



Husker is a fit-out contractor that specialises in Passivhaus constructions. Our aim is to minimise the carbon footprint of the building process as well as the final build itself. We achieve this by sourcing and using sustainable materials together with adhering to the rigorous low energy requirements of Passivhaus construction.

With over 10 years’ of experience behind us, the Husker team has developed a knowledge and skill base which is both vast and specific to the techniques required in the field of environmentally conscious building.

Having worked on a variety of buildings and within a range of budgets, every project encountered has had its unique challenges. On evaluating each project at every stage, we are well versed at resolving a variety of construction solutions.

Ultimately our aim is to deliver the project to completion whilst also ensuring the client’s complete satisfaction. We relish the opportunity to work on builds that tap into our desire for quality craftmanship, push our penchant for creativity and combine those with the thermal, energy efficiency demanded of sustainable modern constructions.